AMNCO meets the Kingdom’s vision of 2030…

Future Achievements and Aspirations
As part of its national role in the civil security services sector and in order to reinforce its leading position, AMNCO has confidently kept pace with the development of the National Transformation Program 2020. AMNCO established its internal comprehensive modernization program and strategic expansion, and set future goals to meet the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and achieve aspirations at all levels.

1. Programs and Initiatives

In line with its ambitious aspirations to enhance its national presence, and in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, AMNCO has developed its integrated strategic plan for the coming years to bring about a comprehensive and direct development of all aspects of the company and its services.
AMNCO is proud of its highly qualified national staff who boast a high level of knowledge, management and consultancy. Employees are responsible for strategic transformation and the implementation of objectives of expansion and growth through: the development of administrative structure, the modernization and development of infrastructure, the development of performance and continuous training, the stimulation of the work environment, creativity and innovation, and building effective strategic partnerships.

2. The Latest Digital and Technical Structure

AMNCO is developing its infrastructure in the technical and digital aspects of security services, and is also focusing on developing capabilities in information security, thus achieving a high level of control and monitoring.

3. Global Strategic Partnerships

In order to transfer and localize global expertise, improve performance, and increase knowledge, AMNCO seeks to increase the number of global partnerships and strategic alliances.

4. New and Qualitative Employment Opportunities

AMNCO‘s steady strategy for development and expansion will undoubtedly provide hundreds of new job opportunities on an ongoing basis, and will open the door for ambitious Saudi youth to fill various qualitative job vacancies.

5. Increased Partnership with the Public Sector

AMNCO builds bridges of communication and cooperation with a number of security agencies, public bodies, and service departments in order to build effective and fruitful partnerships in the near future.

6. Effective Participation of Saudi Women

Since AMNCO sees Saudi women as key partners with men in maintaining the security of the community, it will increase the participation of women in all its administrative and field activities in the near future.

7. Advanced Social Responsibility

AMNCO has contributed to a number of social initiatives and looks forward to providing quality programs and innovative youth initiatives.

8. Training and Continuous Training

AMNCO continuously seeks to train its personnel and raise their standards of performance through a range of modern training programs that abide by international standards. These sessions are facilitated by specialized trainers with a high level of experience, competence and knowledge from inside and outside of the Kingdom.