AMNCO Security Solutions is one of the Arab Security and Safety Services Company, which is specialized in providing civil security services at its various branches. It enjoys a leading position in providing integrated security solutions and providing a comprehensive system of civil security services to a wide range of governmental and private sectors throughout the country. The kingdom.
Since its founding in 1405 AH / 1984, the company has adopted its strategic vision of excellence and overall leadership in all its civil security services, achieving the highest international standards of quality, and committed to the implementation of local regulations and legislation, and provides a system of the latest security methods and techniques that achieve the aspirations of its customers, As a result of her accumulated experience, AMNCO has been a member of a number of international private security institutions and associations in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has also been awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 certification by which the highest standards are applied in all its services. It has also received the Saudi Security Guards Award for the year 2018 from Frost & Sullivan inc.

Live Search Tools K9

AMNCO provides trained K9 security dogs for:

  • Special tasks
  • The Chases
  • Drug detection
  • Explosive detection

Security systems

Optimal use of the best security systems:

  • For early monitoring of any security objectives
  • Assessing targets and verifying their threat to the facility
  • Documenting security incidents

Civil Security Services

AMNCO provide in accordance with the highest international standards and by qualified national cadres to protect individuals, public facilities or industrial and private establishments. Equipped with state-of-the-art security and civilian security systems to meet the needs and aspirations of its customers. AMNCO has a license to employ 5,000 civil security personnel.

Security consulting and risk assessment

The service is designed to meet the growing demand for security services and provide support to the public and private sectors. The company is proud to be always offering the highest level of services according to international standards.

Our work in the security sector has built on our practice, our experience in implementing the law, and other instructions and controls in various administrative sectors allows us to develop our services to meet the growing domestic demand for security studies, training and advisory services.

Security events and personnel protection

AMNCO has experience in the planning and implementation of events and conferences security, forums, exhibitions, festivals or any other event to keep things going in a safe environment through strict plans tailored to the needs of the event. In addition to security elements to guard VIPs and deal with any emergency immediately and also develop alternative plans to protect guests, executives, and VIP protection to ensure guests enjoy the event or effectiveness.

Maritime Security Services

  • Security checks for ships and port facilities to ensure proper security measures.
  • Develop and provide security technology services to minimize the possibility of hostilities
  • Training of ship crew
  • Training security guards for port facilities
  • Develop policies and procedures to maximize security effectiveness
  • Digital security services

Shooting Range

In the near future, the shooting range will offer both internal and external shooting methods based on high technology and international modern standards to ensure the learning, practice and follow-up professional and recreational shooting in a safe and technically sound manner according to internationally accepted standards.

  • Shooting Range
  • A rifle shooting track
  • Computer simulator track
  • battling tight track

Women’s security services

In line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, AMNCO has established a special department for women’s civil security elements. The members are selected to this department very carefully and are trained on women’s security tasks and how to deal with the female component in commercial complexes and public events.

Amnco is a member of many international associations and bodies specialized in the civil security sector