Provides integrated services in the transfer of funds and precious metals to its customers such as SAMA, local banks, strategic companies operating in the field of mining, gold and jewelry, and various retail companies, through an integrated system of highly qualified armed personnel, And the most secure and electronically connected safes in the company’s control and control centers, to reach the destination in all regions and cities of the Kingdom quickly and safely. AMNCO also offers a valuable deposit keeping service within high security vaults.

ATM feeding and maintenance

ATM services are one of the daily needs of the citizen. AMNCO is proud to be behind the feeding of thousands of ATMs to a number of local banks. More than 1200 highly qualified employees and technicians, with more than 450 armored vehicles, transfer cash from banks to more than 4,500 ATM machine, using the latest monitoring and control technology to provide the highest levels of protection and safety and ensure the re-feeding and maintenance in different times and circumstances.

Safe deposit box and precious metals

AMNCO provides security solutions for the storage of funds and precious metals in a safe designed to the highest protection systems and 24/7 surveillance by highly trained personnel.

Saving the imported currency and intended to be exported until the date of its transfer to and from the Kingdom.

Transfer of funds and precious metals

AMNCO provides integrated security solutions for the transfer of funds and precious metals to the private sector and the banking sector where armored vehicles are used. The transfer process is carried out by trained Saudi cadres with expertise in this field to ensure delivery of consignments and shipments to our distinguished customers according to the latest international systems in the field of secured transport such as:

  • Transfer of bank funds between branches and cash centers as well as branches of SAMA
  • Transfer of retail funds to banks
  • Transfer of jewelry and metals when imported and exported to and from airports as well as mines

Management of cash units

AMNCO provides integrated solutions for the management and operation of single and multi-bank cash centers using the latest international systems that comply with regulatory and regulatory requirements and are designed to the highest standards of security and safety.

  • Providing ATM service
  • Providing the transfer of funds between branches of the bank
  • Providing cash counting and processing services within cash centers

Count and process the cash

AMNCO does not only transfer money between banks and its branches, or between SAMA, local banks and retail companies, but AMNCO receives the money from these entities, sorting it into different categories, and then counting, processing and arranging it according to international standards. In this process, AMNCO is also exploring the possibility of counterfeit currencies using the latest equipment in this field.

This service includes:

  • Money counting
  • Money handling
  • Check for counterfeit money
  • Arrange cash according to our five international control standards