The Arabian Security & Safety Services Company – AMNCO is one of the first local and regional companies in the civil security service sector. The company holds a leading position in the fields of integrated security solutions for the monetary sector, the transfer of funds and precious metals, and the provision of comprehensive civil security services for a wide range of government and private agencies throughout the Kingdom.

Since its founding in 1405 AH/ 1984, AMNCO has adopted a strategic vision for excellence and overall leadership in all civil security services, achieving the highest international quality standards. It has committed to the implementation of local regulations and legislation as per international standards, and has provided a structure for the latest security methods and techniques, meeting the expectations of its customers. In achieving its ambitious vision, the company relies on national competencies with high technical expertise and skills. Thanks to its extensive experience, AMNCO has become a member of several international private security institutions and associations in the United States and the United Kingdom.

AMNCO has 5 regional offices with 13 branches and more than 5,100 employees serving more than 250 cities and towns across the Kingdom. AMNCO seeks to meet the growing need for civil security services in the Kingdom, continuously working on training its employees and developing services to suit the needs of its customers, all while keeping in line with the major changes in the Kingdom’s march towards achieving Vision 2030.

AMNCO is a member of many international associations and bodies specialized in the civil security sector…

CEO’s Statement

The Arabian Security & Safety Services Company (AMNCO) has recently made some great strides, placing it among the best private security companies in KSA and the region.
More than thirty years after its formation, it has become a leader in providing private security services. In 2015, the Saudi Transport and Investment Company (Batec, a Publicly Listed Company) acquired 95% of AMNCO. The new management set a comprehensive strategy for restructuring and performance development, bringing the company in line with major developments in the KSA and with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, so as to meet the next phase of expected demand for private security services.

The company has also developed an integrated plan to improve employee efficiency, provide an attractive work environment and establish the AMNCO training center. Setup in collaboration with international and local companies, the center to provide continuous training programs, in accordance with the highest standards, to improve personnel productivity and performance. Furthermore, the company seeks expansion and growth through the acquisition of other companies, in order to expand the scope of the services offered to customers in the public and private sectors. In addition to security, the company also provides services such as the transfer of funds and precious metals, the replenishment and maintenance of ATM machines, cash processing and counting, risk management, correspondence services, monitoring and protection.

AMNCO aims to meet the security needs of the public and private sectors in the KSA, continue to develop security services, keep pace with growth and excel in providing services to customers, and foster human resources to maintain the good reputation achieved by the company throughout its history.

Fahad M. Al Guthami
Chief Executive Officer


Security and Civil Security Services

Security and civil security services in AMNCO are of special importance. They are in accordance with the highest international standards and …

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Transfer and Storage of Funds and Precious Metals

AMNCO offers comprehensive services for the transfer of funds and precious metals to cash suppliers: SAMA, local banks, strategic companies operating…

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Replenishment and Maintenance of ATM Machines

Citizens use ATM machine services daily. AMNCO is proud to fill thousands of ATM machines for a number of local banks. More than 1,200 highly…

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Cash Processing and Counting

AMNCO’s activity is not limited to the transfer of funds between banks and their branches, or between SAMA, local banks and retail companies…

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Expanding for Promising Services

As part of its strategic expansion and growth and its increasing service portfolio, AMNCO has acquired several companies that offer a range of security services in the civil security sector:


Facilities management, operation and maintenance, energy management services, and electromechanical services.


Regional offices
Highly qualified employees
Armored vehicles

AMNCO meets the Kingdom’s vision of 2030…

Future Achievements and Aspirations

As part of its national role in the civil security services sector and in order to reinforce its leading position, AMNCO has confidently kept pace with the development of the National Transformation Program 2020. AMNCO established its internal comprehensive modernization program and strategic expansion, and set future goals to meet the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and achieve aspirations at all levels.



AMNCO has entered into strategic global partnerships to provide integrated services and comprehensive solutions within the system of services it provides to its customers.

A global premier provider of secure logistics and including cash & valuable items-in-transit, ATM replenishment and maintenance providing expertise in CIT.

  • Exclusive contracts in providing CIT services to local banks
  • Retail solutions through Cash Deposit machines
  • Global cash services and vaultage management know-how

A leading UK security and cyber security company. The company provides effective assessment services for low-cost security requirements, checking firewall strengths and weaknesses, and cybersecurity solutions according to customer needs.

Owned by shield group providing risk management and security services providing expertise in security consultancy.

  • Security consultancy for physical and digital assessments
  • Training of armed guards
  • Provide procedures for manned guarding

World’s leading provider for Technology identification systems and CCTV providing expertise in physical Security Business.



We are Proud of our Customers
Since its establishment and thanks to its constant pursuit towards development and excellence, AMNCO has earned the trust and satisfaction of its customers by protecting their business and properties and by achieving their aspirations. AMNCO is proud of its customers in various economic sectors. Customers include:


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